Five Ways to Power Up Your Power Walking Efforts

Lady Power Walking

Power walking is a top option for shedding pounds and maintaining your weight loss. Walking at a brisk pace of four miles per hour can burn anywhere from 236 to 345 calories in an hour depending on your level of effort. Metabolic Research Center offers five ways to power up your power walk.

  1. Mind your core: Walking isn't just about working your legs and glutes. Your core muscles can get a workout, too. Plus, engaging them will help to pull some pressure off your feet and toes, reducing your risk of overuse injuries. Draw your belly button toward your spine and lean your torso slightly forward for the best effect. 
  2. Walk in intervals: Research shows that walking in various speed intervals can help you burn more fat. Try walking three minutes briskly, then three minutes at an easier pace and repeat throughout an hour-log walk.
  3. Engage your arms: Don't let your arms simply hang while walking. It'll slow your pace. Instead, bend your elbows to 90 degrees, relax your shoulders and move your arms back and forth in opposition with your feet. This helps to increase calorie burn and tone your arms.
  4. Head for the hills: If possible, skip the treadmill for an outdoors walk instead. Studies show that walking outdoors can help reduce tension and fatigue and may even help to reduce your cortisol levels. Plus, walking uneven terrain works out more muscles than walking a flat surface, especially if you're blessed to live in a hilly area. Walking at an incline can boost muscle activity in your quadriceps, glutes and calves by up to 635 percent, lending real toning power.
  5. Push yourself: Aim for a 15-minute mile to get the most from your power walk. If you're not there yet, don't worry. Just begin where you are and push yourself a little more with each outing.

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