Bread Isn't a Forbidden Fruit

Loaf of Artisan Bread

Adding whole foods and fiber to a healthy diet must largely be done by preparing food at home.  In this way, people are able to control what is in their food.  Starches should be carefully considered, and when they are consumed, they should be as nutritious and satisfying as possible.  Bread, pasta, and cereal should not be off the table in a well balanced diet, in fact, the USDA, and indeed, Harvard’s answer to the USDA's Myplate, which is an updated food pyramid, recommends whole grains make up a full quarter of the diet. One of the ways to do this is bread making.

Artisan breads are healthier than the average loaf of white bread.  White bread lost its quality because the industrial revolution changed how bread was made in fundamental ways.  The industrial revolution changed both how flour was milled and how the baker did his job.  Before modern bread making machinery, bread was made with more whole grain and was fermented.  The whole grain retains the bran and the germ, retaining manganese, magnesium, copper, magnesium, a slew of B vitamins and a big dose of fiber. This ferment time gave both the yeast and fermenting bacteria time to work on the starch in each loaf.  It insured a more complex and satisfying loaf.  Fermented bread keeps longer than a modern loaf without preservatives, and takes longer to go stale. 

It's not difficult to prepare delicious, artisan bread at home, for a fraction of what it costs to buy ordinary bread.  Whole wheat flour is readily available in an ordinary supermarket, and a greater variety of whole grains can be added to bread by simply soaking whole grain hot cereal and adding it to the dough.  Recipes for this kind of bread are widely available both online and in popular cookbooks.


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