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You too can make a difference in the lives of people just like you. The Metabolic Research Center encourages you to join the MRC community and share your personal weight loss story on our Success Stories page. By taking advantage of our platform, you can empower yourself and others to restore wellness and live healthier despite any personal weight loss challenge. Coming out of the closet about your own struggles with losing weight (and keeping it off) can inspire others to celebrate their success stories and to "Love Themselves" regardless of temporary setbacks.

Over 30 Years of Weight Loss Experience

With over 30 years of weight-loss research and personal experience that goes into our programs, our weight loss plan is designed to maximize your success while restoring your good health. MRC weight loss consultants will individualize your menu plans and provide the education you need to eat real foods in a way that helps to fuel your metabolism. If your weight loss efforts have stalled, we can help you identify and correct imbalances or hormone deficiencies that may be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. Our DNA Genetic Testing Panel is designed to uncover what makes your body different.

Let Metabolic Research Center Put You In Control

The menu plan included in every Metabolic Research Center program has  a proven mix of lean proteins, smart carbs and healthy fats combined with light exercise and the supplementation needed to restore your body's balance. At the Metabolic Research Center, we always want you to feel satisfied and in control. Our menus are simple to follow, making weight loss easier and faster than ever. We have you eat real, nutritious foods that you purchase at your local supermarket (or order in restaurants). Best of all, there are no pre-packaged meals, no counting calories and no guesswork.


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The people at this place have honestly saved my life. They have helped me in ways no one else could. I appreciate them for celebrating with me while holding me accountable!

— Betty Thompson Phillips

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