Water is the Clear Weight-Loss Winner

Woman drinking glass of water

Lifestyle changes are a matter of adjusting the way one thinks as much as what one does.  With that in mind, making a long series of small changes is much easier than making sweeping changes to the daily schedule.  These small steps are much less overwhelming and much more likely to stick over the long term than the overhaul style of diet and exercise changes. 

One of these changes is reducing or altering those favorite foods that can contribute to the biggest weight-management speed bumps.  This revolves around cooking and adding fiber, more vegetables, reducing sugar consumption, and using reduced-fat and/or reduced-calorie ingredients. But change can turn an old comfort food into something far more nutritious and lighter than the original.  For instance, a bagel with lox and cream cheese can be altered into a whole-wheat flatbread or wrap with neufchatel (lower-fat cream cheese) and an herb salad, and most of that big bomb of bleached white flour is gone, replaced with whole wheat goodness.  All of the flavors and most of the textures are there, but a lot less fat and empty white-flour carbohydrates.

Drinks are a big issue in this particular subject.  Sodas and full-calorie beers are just not good choices when trying to get one's weight down and keep it down.  Switching to low calorie or no calorie choices, and/or adding more water to the daily regime, can start the diet out right.  This is not an easy “baby step”, but shifting from full-sugar soda to a diet soda can be done gradually by adding a little of the diet soda to the regular to get accustomed to the taste. Wine can be diluted with a spritz of seltzer to cut the carbohydrate content. 

Water is everyone's best friend in this process, and dieters who are able to get used to drinking water again and are able to start their meals by drinking a tall glass of water. This helps anyone stay hydrated through their workouts, temper their food cravings and exercise more.  Of all the things you can drink, water is the clear winner for a healthier life.


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