Laugh Your Way to Weight Loss

Laugh Way to Weight Loss

They say that laughter is the best medicine. As it turns out, laughter also may be among the best weight loss aids, according to new research published in the International Journal of Obesity.

In a study of 45 pairs of adult friends, researchers separated participants into two groups, showing each group a series of either funny or serious film clips. This was done in a room outfitted with equipment designed to measure the amount of calories burned and monitor the rate, duration and type of laughter. Participants also wore monitors that measured their heart rates.

In studying feedback, researchers found that laughing increased participants' heart rate and calorie expenditure by upward of 20 percent. Plus, the longer laughter lasted, the greater the effects. Results suggest that just 15 minutes of laugher daily can burn up to 50 calories, depending upon a person's weight and the intensity of his or her laughter.

Of course, in the big picture, that's not a whole lot of calories. It's just enough to reduce weight by about four pounds a year. But anyone working to shed pounds will agree that every little bit counts. Plus, laughter can help make any activity - including workouts - more pleasurable and, thus, more effective. And that's not all. Laughter can help bring about multiple additional benefits including boosting your immune system and your body's production of HDL cholesterol (the good type), lowering blood sugar, relieving pain, relaxing muscles and brightening skin tone.

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