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Ginger May Boost Metabolism by Twenty Percent

Blog Image: Ginger May Boost Metabolism by Twenty Percent

Many dieters find it difficult to adhere to a restricted diet for long periods, which is the primary reason that most fad diets fail. However, if you individualize your menu plan, you can increase your chances of success. Regardless of your goals, selecting a dietary pattern based on your food preferences and enhancing the taste can make losing weight less difficult. A recent study concluded that replacing some of your daily calories with proteins may result in significant weight loss over time.

Add Fat Burning Herbs and Spices to Food

It would be great if your food tasted so good and was so satisfying that it eliminated your food cravings, and you completely forgot about junk food. Sounds like a pipe dream, but retraining your taste buds by adding fat-burning herbs and spices can put you on the right track. According to a recent study conducted on overweight women, cumin is the little spice that could. In fact, by adding a teaspoon of cumin to your meals per day can help you burn up to three times more body fat.

Studies suggest that ginger may boost your metabolism by as much as 20% for about three hours following a meal. Scientists think ginger may accelerate the rate at which your stomach empties for improved digestion and less fat storage. Consuming fewer calories can help, but you do not want your body to feel like its starving, so nourish yourself along your journey. Remember herbs and spices go hand and hand with safe, effective weight loss. Better yet, spices are great for adding flavor to just about everything from soups to stir-fries.

Replacing Sugary Drinks Is a Double Edged Sword

Research shows that dieters who employ self-monitoring methods are more successful at losing weight and keeping it off than those who don't. Using a food diary to track meals also provides an excellent means of keeping up with your seasoning schedule for fat burning flavors. If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, choose a calorie-free beverage, such as water or unsweetened tea, be mindful of portion sizes and season your plate with metabolism-boosting ingredients. Replacing sugary drinks, including sodas and fruit juices, with protein drinks works like a double-edged sword to reduce caloric intake while supporting good muscle mass to increase your metabolic rate.


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