Swap Out Sugar to Improve Your Health

Processed Sugar Pouring from Drink Can

Sugar appears in our diets in many ways. We add it to our beverages and many of our foods come with a massive amount already blended in. If you want to truly improve your health and find effective ways to keep your weight down, the quickest way to start is to sugary, sweet foods for healthy, nutrient rich foods. Eliminating foods that have a massive amount of sugar is just one way to begin your journey to better health.

Sodas, slushies and commercial drinks of any kind often contain large portions of sugar. Swapping them for healthier drinks can dramatically reduce the amount of sugar you consume in just one day. Reducing the amount of sugar also reduces calories. It also help your liver to function more efficiently. Sugar causes the liver to become sluggish and can eventually become fat if allowed to settle in the area.

Sugary foods, like cereal and snacks, increase the risks of diabetes and excessive weight gain. Processed sugars react much differently within the body. They take longer to digest and may eventually turn to fat before they are sufficiently broken down for the body to use. Natural sugars that come from fruit are much different. They break down quickly rushing directly to the bloodstream and providing a quick burst of energy. Cereals, sweet snacks and sugar desserts can be replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits offer simple sugars that digest easily.

Granola and other snacks that are made from complex carbohydrates break down much slower than the simple sugars. When honey is added to granola and whole grain cereals, you get the best of both worlds, a quick burst of energy as well as a gradual release of sugars and proteins that will keep you energized throughout the day.


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