Coffee or Nap - Which is More Effective?

Woman Napping with Cup of Coffee in Her Hands

All of us have reached that "I need a nap" point. You know, where you feel sluggish but you still have a whole afternoon of tasks to accomplish. This is probably the moment you begin the debate between whether to take a nap or just grab another cup of coffee. While some believe that coffee is the quick and obvious answer, others would argue that naps have more lasting effects.

Let’s look at what the experts have to say on the subject:

According to a study conducted by the University of California in San Diego, there is actually a difference between the affects of a nap and the affects of caffeine when it comes to learning and productivity. In this study participants where split into two groups. One group took naps, while the other group took a caffeine pill or a placebo. The participants then went through various tests including a motor skills exercise, a verbal task, and a test involving their perception.

Over all, the participants who either napped or took the placebo showed better performance in the tests. While those who had caffeine seemed more alert at the offset, their actual results were less impressive than those who had napped, or those who took the placebo. In fact, those who took the caffeine pills actually showed signs of impaired learning in the afternoon session of tests. So, while caffeine may be good to use on those days you don’t have time for a nap or when you feel a little drowsy on the drive home, if your goal is to actually be more productive throughout the day, finding a good twenty minutes to sleep is probably the better way to go.

The next time your battery runs low, find time to take a nap. It’s all natural. It’s refreshing. And, the best part is; it’s free!


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