Snacks Don't Have to Be a Bad Thing

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Two hours before the end of your workday, your stomach starts growling uncontrollably. Although you’re embarrassed in front of your coworkers, you refuse to indulge in a satisfying snack. Because you desperately desire to lose ten pounds, you’ve vowed to not eat another snack until you reach your weight loss goal. If you can relate to this scenario, you’re not alone. Many determined dieters assume snacking should be forbidden at all costs. This common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you’re hungry, your body goes into starvation mode. Because it doesn’t know when it will receive nourishment again, your body begins to transform calorie stores into fat. Your metabolism also takes a nose dive. So, whenever you experience hunger pangs, reaching for a healthy snack is smart. To promote weight loss, select tasty foods that contain both protein and fiber. Consuming lean sources of protein after working out is especially important. A combination of exercise and protein will stimulate the growth of lean muscle mass. Having lean muscle enhances your ability to burn calories. Besides benefiting your digestive system, fiber helps you feel full longer. Some delicious, healthy protein and fiber-filled snacks include:

  • An apple and an MRC Protein Drink
  • An MRC Protein Bar
  • Celery sticks topped with hummus
  • A handful of almonds
  • Roasted edamame
  • Roasted asparagus spears wrapped in slices of turkey breast
  • Plain, Greek yogurt topped with strawberries and blueberries

Indulge in tasty snacks only when you’re hungry. Always avoid the 100-calorie snack packs that line supermarket shelves everywhere. These sugar, fat, and sodium-filled snacks are typically devoid of beneficial nutrients your body needs. Because they aren’t satisfying, you might find yourself consuming more than one of them each day.

Sadly, many dieters mistakenly remove snacks from their eating plans. While believing they’re helping their weight loss cause, they’re likely sabotaging it instead. If you’re interested in discovering how to incorporate healthy snacks into your menu plan, consider contacting a consultant at a Metabolic Research Center near you. MRC has dozens of great recipes for weight-loss friendly snacks as well as protein drinks, shakes, etc. To learn more, call 1-800-501-8090.


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