Should Breakfast Be Your Largest Meal?

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A popular saying suggests that timing of meals may have some bearing on how much weight you are able to lose. The saying suggests that people should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and then later, have dinner like a pauper. The idea being making breakfast your biggest meal and dinner your smallest, with your lunch some place in between.

Breakfast: Breaking the Fast

When you approach the breakfast table, your body has been in a fasting mode for as many as 12 hours. Breaking the fast signals to your body that you are not starving and that food is readily available. Choosing protein-packed breakfasts with whole grains provide much-needed quality energy for your morning. While breakfast doesn't have to be your largest meal, a healthy breakfast sets you up for a successful day.

Lunch: It's All in the Timing

A recent study shows that the timing of lunch is probably more important than the quantity of food you choose. The study showed that late lunch eaters had a more difficult time losing weight than those who ate lunch earlier in the day. The body's adipose tissues have a circadian rhythm all their own and an early lunch seems to aid in losing weight.

Dinner: Pauper's Fare or Kingly Feast?

Heavy, high-fat meals aren't a good choice no matter which meal they are consumed at. Therefore, while a big steak and a steaming baked potato seem like a great dinner choice, lighter, healthier options will help you reach your weight loss goals faster. Instead, choose a vegetarian meal with protein-packed legumes or a nice fish selection with brown rice and healthy veggies. You may not need to make a meal of bread and water like a pauper, but treating dinner like a feast every night will definitely set you back.


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