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Lake City, FL
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Metabolic Research Center Lake City
Metabolic Research Center Lake City
426 SW Commerce Drive
Suite 130

Lake City, FL 32025
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9:00 am - 6:00 pm (By Appointment Only)


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How many times in the past have you started a diet?

Effective weight loss is achieved by restoring your body's balance. At the Metabolic Research Center in Lake City, we help you shed pounds and inches without those annoying hunger pangs.

Our weight loss consultant will design a menu plan to help you lose weight quickly, while taking into account your preferences for real food. In fact, all MRC programs are based on eating real food – healing foods that allow you to lose pounds and inches quickly — without experiencing unbearable feelings of hunger. As your new weight loss partner, we prepare you for permanent success through education, support, encouragement and constant celebration.

Many fad diets promise that you will lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time but fail to deliver. To get started on a Metabolic Research Center weight loss program, call us today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Metabolic Research Center have supplements and diet aids?

Yes, we understand that everyone's needs vary and offer a complete line of high nutrient supplements, vitamins and minerals, sleep aids, keto boosters, protein bars and shakes, and more. Based on your personalized weight loss program, our consultant will make recommendations as to products that could help to restore your body's natural balance.

Why do you recommend DNA testing?

Not everyone needs a genetic panel. However, accurate DNA results furnish extensive detail into the lifestyle changes that could maximize your weight loss efforts. Our weight loss consultant can use your DNA panel to show you how your body manages food and crucial nutrients, as well as develop a program tailored to your genetic makeup.

Do you offer a ketogenic diet?

A keto diet is a very strict approach to following a low-carb, high fat menu plan. Most people have little to no difficulty in maintaining ketosis, the metabolic state where your body burns fat for fuel. Whether your body's unique needs require a strict or modified ketogenic diet, our consultants can personalize your plan and recommend the supplementation that can jump-start your weight loss journey.

I'm ready to live healthier and feel better about myself; where do I start?

Weight loss is about a lot more than a number on the scales. To reach and maintain your goal weight, you program must be sustainable. Eating a diet filled with real food and having the right support behind you can make a big difference. Visit MRC to find out how quickly you can celebrate your own success story.

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This program is amazing!! I've never stuck with a plan more than a week - now I'm almost 3 months in - 28 pounds and 48 inches smaller!!!


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