Seven Steps for a Weight Loss-Inducing Good Night's Sleep

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Everyone knows that losing weight involves getting out of bed and moving. But it also means getting back into bed. Study after study proves there's a definitive link between getting a good night's sleep and maintaining a healthy weight. One study by the University of Chicago suggests that sleep deprivation may lead to a crave-inducing change in how our bodies regulate appetite. Plus, when we're tired, we're less likely to get enough exercise.


To help you reach your weight loss goals, Metabolic Research Center recommends these seven steps for getting a deep, restorative sleep.


  1. Improve your sleep environment with clean sheets, comfortable bedding, black-out curtains and either a set of ear plugs or a white noise machine.
  2. Leave your laptop and cell phone elsewhere and resist the temptation to bring a television set into your room. Sleep and relationship experts recommend reserving your bedroom for sleep and sex only.
  3. Speaking of sex, nurturing intimacy with your spouse carries multiple health benefits. Not only does it improve sleep, it's also a great calorie burner in itself.
  4. And, speaking of TV, avoid it for at least a half hour before going to bed, giving your mind a chance to wind down. Read, stretch, meditate, jot down the next day's to-do list or write in your journal instead.
  5. Nix the nightcap and the caffeine. Many people believe that alcohol is a sleep aid. They're only half right. It'll let you catch some Zs for a few hours, but once your body metabolizes it and the sleep-inducing properties wear off, you're wide awake with a full bladder. And while a hot cup o' joe seems relaxing, it's a known stimulant. Save it for the morning time.
  6. Keep things cool. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a slightly cool room because it mimics the natural temperature drop that occurs inside our bodies while we sleep.
  7. Get up and get moving. While a good night's sleep helps you feel more like exercising, a good workout in turn helps improve sleep. It's a positive repeating cycle. Just make sure to complete your workout early in the day or at least a few hours before hitting the hay.


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