Does Stress Cause You to Eat More?

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Sitting at your desk, your heart starts beating faster the moment you notice the clock on your computer screen. With only two hours left until your deadline, your stress level soars. Immediately, you head to the vending machine in order to purchase a candy bar and a soda. Back at your desk, you guiltily consume your forbidden snack. Then, you fret you’ll miss both your deadline and weight loss goal for the week. If you can relate to this scenario, you might desperately desire to know the answer to a burning question. Does stress cause you to eat more?

Health Issues Related to Chronic Stress 

Due to hectic work, family, and social responsibilities, too many Americas battle chronic stress. Sadly, stress can negatively affect both your waistline and your health. When you’re continually stressed, your body revs up production of the hormone cortisol. Having too much cortisol can:

  • Cause you to feel hungry
  • Make you crave sugar
  • Diminish your ability to burn fat
  • Cause you to store more belly fat
  • Elevate your blood sugar levels
  • Cause your cells to be less sensitive to insulin
  • Increase your triglyceride levels

Stressed people often suffer from insomnia. Unfortunately, insomnia also increases your body’s production of cortisol.

Tame Your Stress to Shrink Your Waist

To tame your stress level, and shrink your waistline, exercise regularly. In addition to helping you burn calories, working out releases happy chemicals in your brain. These chemicals are known as endorphins. Some people get much needed stress relief from meditation. Other activities that might relax you include:

  • Reading a book
  • Watching a movie
  • Listening to music
  • Spending quality time with family members and friends
  • Engaging in a fun, new hobby such as sewing, making pottery, or designing jewelry

If you’re failing miserably at dieting, chronic stress might be the culprit. To discover how to drop the pounds by overcoming stress and getting your hormones in balance, consider scheduling a free, initial appointment with a consultant at a Metabolic Research Center near you today.


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