Does Drinking Water Help with Weight Loss

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Water is essential to all living things on our planet. Without an abundant supply of liquid water, we wouldn't exist and neither would life as we know it. For some Earthly organisms, water represents 90% of their total body weight; and this vital nutrient is the primary building block for every cell in the human body. So, Japanese water therapy (also referred to as the "Water Diet") is more likely grounded in the principles of good health rather than the need for another fad diet with an obsessive focal point.

If you have been reading online about the Japanese Medical Society's claims for the necessity of drinking a certain amount of water on an empty stomach every morning as a 100% cure for numerous diseases, there is no supportive evidence (excluding those made by bloggers) that these statements are true or that they were every issued by any medical agency. Fact is, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that water alone is a miracle cure for any disease or that the proposed increase in fluid intake will cause you to shed unwanted pounds. There is however substantial evidence that our bodies are highly dependent on water and that we can only survive a few days without it.

When an appropriate intake of water is combined with regular exercise and healthy eating habits, there is boost to the body's metabolic functions which may improve your chances for weight loss. After all, without a sufficient intake of water (either direct or through its inclusion in other beverages and foods), your body would be poisoned by its own toxic waste. Any serious athlete will tell you that the slightest dehydration results in a lack of energy and makes it difficult to maintain one's internal body temperature due to a lack of sweating. Plus, water lubricates our joints and acts a shock absorber for the brain.

As for drinking water on an empty stomach, it is a good idea to drink a glass of water whenever you're thirsty as well as before any meal. It is also healthy to make water your drink of choice at mealtime. Water contains many essential minerals and does afford a sense of fullness that can help to satisfy one's feelings of hunger, which can have a positive effect on maintaining a healthy weight. Although there is no single formula that fits everyone, the climate where you live, the amount of exercise you're engaging in and your overall health condition are all factors in how much water you should drink. As always, before beginning a radical diet or making major lifestyle changes, you should consult with a healthcare provider who knows your medical history.


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