How Does Insulin Help the Body?

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Type 2 diabetes is more common than you think. Currently, 27 million Americans are affected by it, and another 86 million people have prediabetes symptoms that cause incorrect insulin processing. However, insulin provides an important benefit when your body uses it correctly.

Your Pancreas Produces the Insulin

The pancreas releases insulin into your bloodstream and moves blood glucose to the cells that make up your muscles, organs (especially the liver) and fat. When you eat, your blood sugar rises, and this is what causes the trigger of insulin to help you use energy obtained from food. This is how insulin is processed in a healthy body.

If insulin is not released properly for helping you store glucose for energy, problems occur. For instance, resistance of insulin might begin, and this stops the transport of blood sugar to your cells. Otherwise, your body might not produce enough insulin to help you maintain normal glucose levels. In either case, this gradually progresses to the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Recognizing the Onset of Type 2 Diabetes

At first, someone with type 2 diabetes might not even realize they have this condition. After all, symptoms might not develop for years. However, you can take action to make sure you stay healthy now before it is too late. For instance, experts advise that you exercise regularly to burn fat and sleep an average of eight hours per night.

You also might want to find better ways to manage stress instead of eating too much. This will help you control your appetite that could otherwise lead to the obesity that also puts you at risk for diabetes. Moreover, we strongly advise you to create menu plans that have no added sugar and increase your high-fiber foot intake.

Of course, you should contact your doctor to learn about other ways to manage type 2 diabetes that will aid in regulating your insulin production. You especially need consultation, if you begin to notice being tired all the time or urinating too often. Dry mouth, itchy skin and blurry vision are also signs you might need medically supervised assistance.


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