Vegetables Are Not Meant to Be Meats

Cutting Board with Fresh Vegetables

Vegan food has the potential to be just as wonderful as anything else, as long as the food is not trying to mimic that of a carnivore.  Much of what most non-vegans associate with vegan cuisine is this mimic food, which does not have the body, texture, or flavor of the meats and animal products that they are accustomed to. 

Mimic foods are inherently unsatisfying unto themselves, and many of these products are designed to serve those individuals who have chosen veganism for ethical reasons, rather than health or dietary ones.  Vegan food has the ability to be healthy, and not healthy, as does vegetarianism.  There is also such thing as vegan junk food, and Oreo cookies are one of the most famous vegan options. 

Vegetables are not meant to be meats, and it is food-logical to use green vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, beans, and nuts in ways that highlight the flavors, textures, nutritional value, and properties of those things.  There are two big factions in the world of vegan cuisine.  The faction that is actively seeking decadent and unabashedly delicious food flavors and textures, and those who are seeking health and purity of food.

There is some crossover among the factions, and gourmet vegan chefs are generating very beautiful cuisine in both factions, as “raw” restaurants pop up, serving food that has been prepared at temperatures of less than 115 degrees, and vegan bistros open with all manner of cuisine from both sides of the fence. 

The information that is most important to people who are looking for long-term weight loss due to lifestyle change is that there is a whole category cooking philosophies and techniques that can be used to help get more vegetable matter into one's diet.  Green vegetables and legumes in particular are very important to long term changes, and carefully selected vegan recipes can offer some great menu options.


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