Does Eating at Home Make a Difference in Weight Loss?

Eat at Home

If you're the one responsible for cooking the meals at home, you may not like the answer. According to Consumer Reports, cooking and eating at home can often produce much better results once you've made a commitment to losing weight. So, what is so special about your kitchen and dining room? It's simple, you have better control over what you consume. Listed below are positive reasons for eating at home:

Portion Size - An advantage of plating your own food in your kitchen is that you control portion sizes. This allows you to reduce or increase the amount of food consumed according to your menu plan.

Calorie Control - When you prepare your food, you can manage your caloric intake based on both what you cook and how you cook it. If you eat out, there are many hidden variables that you may not know about and cannot control.

Reduced Sugar Intake - If you suffer from Type 2 diabetes or have other blood sugar issues, this can be extremely important to your health. For the rest of us, controlling the "amount of" as well as the "kind of" sweetener used has tons of value.

Ratio of Food Types - The majority of plate should be lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and a limited amount of sugars, sodium, saturated fats and simple carbohydrates.

Research studies recommend that you should establish reasonable weight loss goals (around 5% of your current weight), so they can be attained in a shorter amount of time. Then you should take the time to celebrate your success by taking a day for yourself, shopping for a new pair of shoes, buying a CD that you've been wanting, or anything that's special to you. Just avoid using food as a reward for all of your hard work that went into preparing your meal plan at home.


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