Still Gaining? It May Be Time to Reverse Your Diet!


Why is it so easy to gain weight and so difficult to lose weight? One reason is that our body is hardwired to store nutrients for times of need. The very basics of our system require rapid conversion of stored energy into usable energy. "Fight or flight" is a physical and psychological response. It requires that our body use any source of energy available to overcome danger. That is one reason our body is so happy to store fat. Fat is an energy source that can be used to enhance endurance under dire situations.

Weight Gain from Not Eating

The human body was not created to live in such a modern world. Our ancestors were hunters and gathers, which are both opportunistic systems of acquiring food. These were not guaranteed methods of acquiring food. To that end, our bodies are designed to store nutrients easily - which is one reason it is so easy to gain weight.

Since our bodies naturally prepare us for times of need, it will always seem easier to gain weight rather than lose it. And.. in today's world, as long as you have the funds, you can easily acquire food. So, in addition to the problem of buying the wrong kinds of food, is the fact that the energy expended in the grocery store (or McDonald's) is much less than the energy required to survive in the wild.

Overcoming Our Body's Design

It is one thing to say that people should eat a healthy diet. It is quite another thing to understand even what a healthy diet is. There are tools that people can use to either get started on the path of consuming a healthy diet or that people can use to make a complete lifestyle change. If you are one of the millions of people who have tried fad diets and still find yourself overweight, consider using a weight loss consultant who can personalize a meal plan and recommend nutritional supplements designed to fit your lifestyle.

If you are like most people, a little education and support may be needed to overcome years of bad eating habits. Those types of services are available through weight loss professionals like the consultants at the Metabolic Research Center. They will work you to reverse your diet for a healthy weight loss. Once you understand how simple it is to eat real food, it becomes much easier to find the strength to succeed. So, stop procrastinating and stop by MRC today.


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I very happy that I want to Metabolic Research Center to get help with my weight. I have done a lot of thing to loss weight and I do loss it but only 25 to 35 pounds and I always gained it back because I go back to my old way. With the Metabolic Research Center they have shown me that I need to make a life change and I am trying.


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