Is Your Kitchen Weight Loss Friendly?

Messy Kitchen Sink

What does a weight loss friendly kitchen look like? Your first thought may be that it is filled with healthy food options. While it's true that a kitchen filled with vegetables, lean meats and whole grains is great for the person trying to lose weight and get healthy, that's not the only factor.

Is a Clean Kitchen a Factor?

Recent studies have shown something you may not expect. A cluttered, disorganized kitchen may affect your eating habits. A Cornell University study showed that people are more likely to engage in overeating than those in a clean, organized kitchen.

This possibly spills over into other areas of life. If you are feeling like your life is cluttered and unorganized, you may be eating more, and eating less healthy foods. Past research has shown that a cluttered environment can contribute to stress, and since stress can lead to overeating, it makes sense.

What is a Weight Loss Friendly Kitchen?

In addition to keeping dishes out of the sink and counters clear, what are some other strategies? You could make sure healthy snacks are easier to access. Put high-calorie or sweet foods in harder to access locations. Keep healthy foods visible and easy to reach. Push unhealthy foods to the back of the fridge, and put healthy alternatives front and center.

When your counters are clear and supplies are organized, you are also more likely to prepare nutritious foods, rather than reach for less healthy but more convenient options. It's important to give yourself every advantage when you are trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. Keep your stress levels down by clearing clutter and keeping things neat. You'll be less likely to binge, and feel more relaxed, too.

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