How To Spice Up Your Table

Bowls of Spices

Spices add flavor to your foods as well as provide nutritional benefits. Many contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as being efficient antioxidants. Adding different spices to your favorite foods will increase their nutritional value and increase their visual appeal. Different spices offer different benefits. Ginger, for example, improves digestion and helps to support the immune system and increase energy levels. Black, white and red peppers help to fight infection and boost the immune system. They also act as a thermogenic to help the body burn excess calories.

Add Spices To Your Recipes

Experiment with new flavors by adding a variety of spices to your every day foods. Although some of their nutritive value will be lost during the cooking process, the color and flavor they provide will make the meal more satisfying. Cumin, turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger and cinnamon have excellent benefits when it comes to supporting good health. Including them in recipes whenever possible, gives you the benefit of consuming them without the worry of finding them in supplements or taking them in singular supplements.

NOTE: Add fresh spices late in the cooking process to reduce nutrient breakdown and to optimize the flavor profile.

Offer Spices À La Carte

If you have people in your household who have a variety of tastes, you can also offer spices and herbs al a carte. By placing small shakers or cups of each spice on the table, each person can take what they want and season their own plate accordingly. Foods can be prepared with a minimal amount of salt and pepper to create a neutral taste that will be suitable for the addition of spices. Your family members and guests can create their own personalized plate according to their tastes and preferences.

While variety is the spice of life, spices add a variety of tastes, colors and health benefits that other foods cannot.


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