Eat More to Lose More Weight

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Eating more to lose weight is not something you expect from the dieting industry. Well, you can eat more and lose weight, but that journey is not a continuation of the menus that you enjoy now. What this is about is a lifestyle change and not a diet.

A diet is a short-term reduction in calories that helps you lose weight, but that short-term is just a fancy way of telling you that you will gain back the weight that you suffered to lose. At the Metabolic Research Center, there is no suffering. In this good-eating blog, we talk about why you can eat more and still lose weight.

Calories, Carbs, and You

Your weight is a mathematical equation. It goes something like the number of calories you burn divided by the number of calories you consume. You have complete control over both of these components. You decide how many calories you burn each day. You decide how many calories you take into your body. You also have control on making changes to that equation so that your body weight become more in line of where you want it to be.

Eating Well

The trick here is all about food choice. That is where carbs come into the game. Carbs are sugars and sugars are the instant fuel that your body burns instead of burning fat or stored fat. So one of the first place that you want to change your diet is to regulate how many carbs you consume. When you count carbs you don't have to fuss with counting sugars or trying to justify eating something that has more fiber. On the pack of food, the label takes that into account — Total carbs.

Eat more foods that are low in carbs. Those include vegetables, water, lean meats, and smart carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, and other whole grains. Follow serving size recommendations. Foods that pack on the fat have a very small quantity when it comes to serving size. You can have two cups of broccoli or one-quarter of a slice of white bread. You get more from the broccoli. By following this method of eating, you can eat more food and still lose weight.

For more information about low carb foods and losing weight without giving up taste, visit the Metabolic Research Center and enjoy good food, improved health, and a slimmer waist.


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