WHO Issues Warnings of Increased Cancer Risk

Gauge Showing High Cancer Risk

Meat has necessary nutrients such as B-12, zinc and protein. However, the World Health Organization has issued a cancer warning linked to eating bacon, sausage, hot dogs and other meat.

As reported by WHO, meat is fine in moderation and particularly the unprocessed kind. At the same time, WHO reported that for every 1.8-ounce portion of processed meat increases colon cancer risk by 18 percent. This portion size is the equivalent to one hot dog or two slices of bacon.

Concerns were also raised by WHO concerning red meat. It has not been confirmed yet, but beef is said to also have carcinogens in it. This is partly based on the fact that this kind of meat has glyphosate, an ingredient found in weed killers, in it. Beef is now on the list of International Agency for Research on Cancer.

This does not necessarily mean you should never eat meat. However, it tells you to be choosy about the kind of meat you eat. One of the best sources is the organic type. The kind that is harvested not using added hormones and additives such as nitrates during processing also are wise choices. 

In any case, health researchers say that you do not necessarily need to eat meat three times per day. You can substitute it for plant sources of proteins. For instance, you can eat dried beans, flax seeds, almonds, pecans, avocados and other non-meat sources of protein.

In addition, you might want to eat the kinds of meats such as fish that are high in omega oils – which also have protein. However, you are advised to find out from what water sources and how the fish is processed before you consume it.


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