Join a Community Garden to Grow Your Organic Vegetables

Couple at Community Garden

After accepting a job in a large metropolitan area, you moved your family across the country. You swapped a sprawling home in a subdivision for a high-rise condo. While you’re happy in your new location, you’re worried about the lack of green space you have. You’ve become accustomed to gardening and fear you’ll miss your favorite pastime, and the healthy organic food it yielded, tremendously. If you can relate to this scenario, consider joining a community garden today.

If you lack outdoor, gardening space at your home, joining a community garden will provide you with a unique opportunity to grow delicious, nutritious produce for you and your family to enjoy. Normally, members of a community garden pay a nominal fee in order to rent a plot where they can harvest their favorite, organic vegetables and herbs. Oftentimes, this shared gardening experience takes place in a community park or on an undeveloped parcel of land.

The benefits of shared, community gardens are numerous. Obviously, this concept gives people the opportunity to cultivate healthy foods that might not be readily available in their local grocery stores. Gardening is also a marvelous way to teach kids where they’re food comes from. When children participate in the planting and harvesting processes, they are also more likely to want to eat the vegetables and herbs produced. Community gardening is also a great activity for lonely seniors to participate in.

Community gardening isn’t a new concept. In fact, this type of cultivating crops has existed for hundreds of years. If you’re searching for a fun activity your whole family will enjoy, look for a community garden in your neighborhood. If you don’t locate one, consider starting one. Not only will you grow healthy foods for your family to consume, you might meet lifelong friends and make fond memories in the process.


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