Fresh Blended Soups and Smoothies for Health Seeker's Diet

Zucchini Smoothie

Smoothies have dramatically increased in popularity in the last decade, largely due to the awareness of the general public that soda is unhealthy.  As with any food that isn't prepared at home, knowing exactly the ingredients and nutritional content of commercially available smoothies can be difficult.  They are often made with refined sugars and a relatively small amount of healthful ingredients.  However, the idea of a smoothie is absolutely sound. 

Blended fruits and vegetables have more surface area for digestion and absorption of nutrients, and require less time to make and consume than their whole counterpart.  The savory version of a smoothie, known as a blended soup, is a raw, living-food that is packed full of micronutrients and enzymes, and can be used to replace a segment of a health-seeker's diet.

There are some tricks for improving the soups, making them something more than a glorified V8.  A variety of things can be used for their base, including stocks and herbal teas.  A little creativity can add another healthy component and some flavor complexity.   Adding a vegetable fat such as a handful of nuts or an avocado adds a bisque-like level of creaminess and a punch of additional vitamins.

This last topic may seem a little strange, as chewing seems like it is an automatic skill.  Truth is, chewing went out of fashion with the invention of processed foods.  Blended soups help to bridge the gap between processed foods and whole foods, allowing time to practice the art of chewing more thoroughly.  The vast majority of people do not chew their food, certainly not until food is totally liquified.  This is the very first step in digestion, and is often neglected.  Chewing a white hamburger bun and a fist full of celery are two totally different experiences and skill sets.  Blended soups help to make it all a little easier as the coarser foods are chewed up by the blender.


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