Drink Green Tea to Ditch Sugary Soda Habit

Pot and Cup of Green Tea

Green tea has been touted in the media recently for its health benefits.  It certainly has antioxidant properties that make it a superfood.  Green tea is an excellent way to ditch soda and sugary beverage habits.  As long as it is not over brewed, which makes it bitter, green tea, particularly Japanese green tea, makes a great hot, cold, or even room temperature beverage. 

A common Japanese green tea is known as Sencha, which is grown in full sunlight, and has a green vegetal flavor.  Sencha with roasted rice is known as genmaicha, and has a more nutty flavor.  Houjicha is green tea which has itself been roasted.  Matcha is ground green tea, made to brew instantly, and is not strained to drink it.  These three types of teas are fairly widely available in areas that have Asian grocery stores. 

Ounce per ounce, most grades of green tea that are easily found in the US are much cheaper than soda.  They have refreshing and interesting flavors that are unlike any other.  So much so, that green tea has become a popular addition to smoothies, juice blends, and baked goods such as cakes.

Green tea of any variety can be cold brewed.  This may require some experimentation, but green tea should brew in about 6 hours in good water in the refrigerator.  For conventional boiling water brewing, It should not be brewed more than 3 ½ minutes, or it will become bitter, which is common for many types of tea. 

Tea that is purchased as loose leaf tea tends to come in more varieties and is generally of much higher quality than that in bags, although there are some tea boutiques that bag higher quality tea.  Experimentation with green tea can bring some very interesting and satisfying new and healthy beverage choices to the table.  


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