Diet Basics -- It's All About Your Menu Plan

Fresh Fish and Real Food

Diet and exercise are often oversimplified when describing lifestyle changes.  Two simple words, but the "emotion and behavior", "physiology and habit", and "psychology and genetics" are all part of successful menu changes and newly formed wellness routines.  Exercise, while taking a great deal of personal motivation and determination, can be tailored for each person and ramped up according to their health and needs.  Diet, on the other hand, is often an ingrained habit with behavioral, emotional, and physical components.  This makes changes in your menu plan a more complicated and difficult process. 

Patient and careful self-examination is part of this process.  A thorough understanding of why we eat what we eat is a complex and long-term study.  Understanding that is gained today can really help with the process of change over time.  Immediate tasks that can be achieved are far simpler and easy to do, at least in theory.  Changing what is in the fridge and what is on the menu is basic and obvious.  Changing the overall methods of acquiring food requires some determination and some bigger changes.

In the beginning, it will seem like a big deal, a time-sucking process, to put these things in place.  Truth be told, it will save time, money at the grocery store, and likely health care dollars in the long run.  So, set up for success from the beginning.  Plan to eat fresh foods.  Prepare more of your food at home.  Choose fresh foods over counting calories and fresh foods instead of reading labels.  Drink plenty of water.  Fill up on fruits and vegetables.  Use and enjoy healthy fats.  Remember, moderation is key.  Finally, focus on how the body feels after eating, and general well-being as time passes.  Make alterations to your menu as the body gives feedback. 

Lifestyle changes are hard, although the tasks themselves are not monumental.  Get some basics into place, cook, eat well, and pay attention to how things feel, and lifestyle changes are on their way. If you need help getting started, contact the Metabolic Research Center. We've been helping clients and staff celebrate their lifestyle changes for decades.


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