Hiking Is Great for Losing Weight

Couple Hiking in Woods

After years of procrastinating, you’re finally ready to lose those extra pounds you’ve been carrying around for as long as you can remember. Besides eating healthier, you know you’ll need to exercise in order to maximize your weight loss success. As a bonus, working out regularly will help you sculpt the long, lean body you’ve always dreamed of. If you can relate to this scenario, you might be anticipating long, grueling days at the gym. Thankfully, achieving an effective workout doesn’t have to be confine you to the four walls of a stuffy gym. Hiking is actually a great form of exercise for those beginning a weight loss plan.

Hiking is not only good for your body. This type of exercise is also good for your soul. Imagine feeling the warm sunshine on your face as you hike up a steep hill in a scenic, state park. Being in nature is a great way to relieve stress and boost your mood. Perhaps, you detest working out in a noisy, crowded gym. Hiking can provide you with the opportunity to be alone, reflect on your life, and make positive plans for the future. If you prefer exercising with a partner, hiking is a fun activity to do with a friend or significant other. Working out with another person might spark some friendly competition. For instance, you might race each other to see who can get to the top of a hill first. Competing against a loved one might propel you to work harder and burn more calories. 

Before taking your first hike, make sure you have the appropriate gear. You might want to invest in a good pair of hiking boots, a backpack, and some waterproof, exercise clothing. Possessing the right gear will increase your odds of staying safe on the trail and enjoying every step of your weight loss journey.


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