What To Eat While Dining Out - Part II

Dining Out - Weight Loss

We know that is often difficult to eat healthy, whole foods while dining out at various restaurants. In Part I we discussed healthy options to choose from when you are doing take out or dining at an American or Mexican restaurant. This time around, we are going more in depth with the right choices to make at Italian, Greek and Chinese restaurants.


  1. Italian: When you are seated at an Italian restaurant, let your server know that you would not like bread service. Filling up on white bread soaked in oil is not a good place to start. Instead, start with a house salad or a minestrone soup. Then we recommend splitting an entree that has a large serving of protein and vegetables. If you would like more of pasta entree, then stay away from a creamy sauce and chose a red marinara.

  2. Greek: Fortunately, the food choices you will find at Greek or Mediterranean restaurants is typically quite healthy. Tabouli and hummus are both great options. Stay away from fatty meats and order something with whole grains, vegetables, and/or fish.

  3. Chinese: Swap fried spring rolls for steamed dumplings or steamed greens with soy sauce. Try to avoid the “sweet and sour” meats and order vegetable fried rice. Most places will have a variety of broth soups, mixed vegetable dishes and other lean meat dishes. Your taste buds might be surprised how much flavor these have.


In general, we recommend skipping the soda while you are dining out because it just adds unwanted calories to your meal. Go for water with lemon or an unsweetened iced tea. For more tips on how to incorporate your weightloss goals while eating out, contact the Metabolic Research Center nearest you. Our staff has been helping people lose weight for more than 25 years.



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