To Stop Starving.. Eat Right!

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During World War II, US military researchers conducted an experiment on men to mimic the effect of the European famine. The 1,600-calorie diet consisted of lots of whole-grains, root vegetables and potatoes with little protein. The subjects in this diet lost a little weight at first, and then less as the diet went on. However, on this starvation diet, the participants began to show mental and physical manifestations of trauma. They were hungry, and it showed.

Many diets contain a component of behavioral modification. Super-low calorie diets ask you to ignore or control your hunger, through either will power or chemicals. The best way to manage hunger is to eat foods that provide the proper nutrition to avoid cravings or avoid that empty feeling that comes with a significant reduction in calories.

Eat nutrition-packed, low-calorie foods

Very lean meat, nuts, low-fat milk, whole grains and so-called “superfoods” like avocados provide a balance of saturated fats, complex carbohydrates and protein to go towards meeting the body’s nutritional needs. Your body provides feedback in the form of hunger and cravings, yet if you’re satisfied with your intake you won’t feel hunger.

Eat more fibrous vegetables

Another popular method of controlling hunger during a diet naturally is to eat high-fiber vegetables as a snack or with meals. These foods are low-calorie, have good nutritional value and can fill you up. It’s part of a “volumetric” diet, researched at Penn State University. You can eat a significant amount of these vegetables and you will want to eat less at other times during the day.

Drink more water

Research conducted by Brenda Davy at Virginia Tech showed that drinking 16 ounces of water prior to each meal will help you cut back on the amount of food you eat while dieting. Davy believes that the water “preloads” the stomach, making you feel full.

Hunger is our reaction to lacking important nutrition. If you’re feeling hungry due to your diet, you need to rethink your dietary strategy.


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