Is Your Waistline Spreading? You're Not Alone!

Newspaper Headline America is Getting Fatter

It is kind of subtle how we gain weight. One day we try on a pair of jeans and we cannot button them. Many of us lead sedentary lifestyles, but weight gain even occurs in people who are active. There is a basic scale that you can think about when you choose foods to eat. The scale weights the amount of calories that we burn in our daily lives and compares it to the amount of calories that we eat on a regular basis. If we sit at a computer all day for work and eat fast food every day for lunch, then we should expect weight gain.

Food choice becomes a powerful tool in weight loss programs. 

We are what we eat and as such, the types of food that we choose to eat matters. However, when people hear healthy food they think about a bucket full of celery. Eating healthy does not have to be that way. With proper meal planning, you can have meals that are amazingly satisfying without adding a ton of calories. Learning how to plan meals, shop for food, and prepare meals that work with your body to help you lose weight is not easy. Thankfully, there are programs available that help you accomplish all of these goals. 

Imagine the empowerment that occurs when you sit down with a nutritionist and discover healthy foods that you want to eat. Imagine walking away with menus that teach you how to shop for foods that help you lose weight. Imagine having the support to change your old habits and replace them with something that is positive for you and your wardrobe. You don't have to imagine any of this because the Metabolic Research Center can make this a reality. Enjoy eating and still manage to fit into your clothes — it might just be a dream come true. 


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