Hormone Imbalances Can Lead to Yo-Yo Dieting

Graph Showing How Hormones Impact Appetite

Something seems to happen to a lot of people trying to lose weight in their 40s. This usually is the time in a person’s life when their bodies start experiencing hormonal changes. This might lead to imbalances that result in yo-yo dieting.

For instance, women over 40 experience fluctuations in progesterone and estrogen during pre-menopause and menopause. Men experience a drop in testosterone levels after this age. As a result, both females and males find it harder to lose weight. This usually is because their maturing bodies do not produce the same amounts of hormones they did when younger.

What is more, hormonal imbalances also can affect how a person maintains weight. In other words, calorie restriction and yo-yo dieting often results in irritability, depression and mood swings. Women might also wake up with hot flashes and night sweats and feel the need to eat because the satiety hormone does not make her full.

Men also experience hormonal balances as they age. For them, the primary cause is decreased testosterone production that more often than not causes erectile dysfunction and low libido. They also might experience muscle and bone loss and also gain weight. If they do not take control of their lives, they often have some of the same problems women do when trying to stay in shape.

There is no one set of dieting guidelines that will fit every person to help them lose weight in their 40s. After all, everyone has different body types and health issues that have caused weight gain especially in the abdominal area. In any case, it usually benefits both women and men to seek further consultation about how they can stay fit. This entails examining possible hormone therapies and learning about supplements and lifestyle changes that could make a difference.


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