Change of Season is a Perfect Time to Get Started!

Couple Preparing a Fall Meal

At the beginning of the summer, you made a promise to start eating healthier and exercising more. However, the temptations you encountered at social gatherings and on vacations derailed your best laid plans. The number on the scale hasn’t budged an inch all summer long. If you can relate to this frustrating scenario, consider re-launching your healthier lifestyle plans now that it is fall. Regardless of the time of year, a change of season is a perfect time to get started on a new, healthier you.

Fall is an amazing time of the year to start indulging in colorful, hearty, and healthy foods. If you have a sweet tooth, stock up on fiber rich pears and apples at the grocery store. You might be surprised at the vast number of varieties of apples available at the supermarket. If you didn’t like the Red Delicious ones your mom gave you when you were a kid, you might adore the taste of Honey Crisp, Fuji, Gala, or Golden Delicious apples. If your favorite color is orange, fill your grocery cart with some beautiful, fall pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Both of these nutritional stars are excellent sources of vitamin A. Vitamin A is advantageous to your eyes. Like pears and apples, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are also packed with fiber that is good for your digestive system.

Are you always searching for healthy sides to serve at dinner? If you’re tired of preparing potatoes a dozen different ways, consider roasting another fall favorite, butternut squash. Besides providing you with delicious, nutritious foods, fall ushers in cooler weather. So, fall is a wonderful time of the year to begin an exercise program. You can enjoy long, peaceful, and scenic walks outside. While gazing at colorful fall foliage and breathing in the fresh, crisp air, you may not even equate a two mile walk with working out.

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