Why a Lack of Sleep Hinders Weight Loss

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It is a known fact that your body needs enough sleep every single night. Failure to sleep enough leaves you feeling cranky, lacking in energy and susceptible to sickness. What is more, studies have shown that there is also a direct link between getting sufficient sleep and losing weight.

How Sleep Makes a Difference

WebMD tracked dieters over a two-week period and noted that those who didn't get enough sleep at night found it difficult to feel satisfied after eating. Fat loss dropped by an astounding 55%, even though the people who weren't sleeping enough didn't increase their caloric intake.

The Perelman School of Medicine did another study that found that missing sleep for even one night makes a difference if you want to lose weight. A lack of sleep affects your brain's cognitive network. This in turn leads those who didn't sleep well to eat well over 900 calories more than those who did get a good night's sleep.

It is also worth noting that a lack of sleep typically leads to stress. Stress, in turn, causes many people to reach for junk food that increases weight gain. Furthermore, a study done by Ohio State University shows that stress slows down your metabolism and increases insulin production. Insulin, in turn, triggers your body to hold onto weight instead of letting it go.

Interested in Living Healthier and Losing Weight?

A healthy lifestyle is the key to losing weight. You need to eat healthy foods every single day and get enough sleep at night so your body functions properly. Exercise is also important and can help you overcome stress and insomnia that prevent you from sleeping well. As you make lifestyle changes so you can lose weight, you will discover that you will not only look better but feel healthier and happier as well. To learn more about living healthier and losing weight, contact the Metabolic Research Center for a FREE consultation. 



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