What Happens To Your Body When You Skip A Meal

Dont skip meals

We’ve all been there before, you have an upcoming event and in a last minute effort to ditch a pound or two, you skip a meal here and there. Or maybe you slept in and don’t have time for breakfast and think you can make it on an empty stomach until lunch. On top of the hunger pains, being in a bad mood and feeling low on energy, there are more important reasons that you should not skip a meal.


  1. Blood Sugar: When you skip a meal, your blood sugar levels fall. If you decide to skip breakfast, then your blood sugar levels will never rise at all. Your blood sugar levels need to be stable at all times.

  2. Metabolism Slows Down: Your body is used to working all day, every day. When you skip a meal your digestive system is not able to do its job so your body attempts to conserve energy. When this happens, your metabolism slows (way) down and once you do eat, that food isn’t burned off efficiently. If you decide to skip a meal with the intent of eating something unhealthy later, you are actually making it worse. Tip: If you do decide to indulge in a cheat meal, try to eat wholesome foods throughout the rest of the day to keep your metabolism going.

  3. Your Brain Doesn’t Function Properly: Without a proper supply of nutrients, your brain cannot function how it is intended to. It will be very hard for you to concentrate and you will become moody and irritable. And once you do finally eat, the relief will only be temporary because your metabolism is skeptical of when it will be receiving nutrients again.

  4. Overeating: Have you ever skipped a meal and then found yourself so hungry that you are pulling through the nearest fast food drive-thru to order a super size meal? Give yourself the best chance to prevent binge eating and overeating, by eating regularly throughout the day to keep your metabolism running and your energy up.

We are here to help you make a plan for weight loss. Skipping a meal is not the answer. Call or visit the Metabolic Research Center nearest you and start your journey to a healthy lifestyle today.


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