Purple versus Neon-Blue: Real Foods for Good Health

Purple Eggplant

Have you been trying to teach your kids to eat like the rainbow? Maybe you were making great progress before they asked, "Does Fruity Pebbles count?" The quick answer of course, is not. Colorful foods provide a wealth of benefits for growing children, but those colors must be natural and not artificial. Processed foods like sugary breakfast cereal are typically high in calories and low in real nutrients (although some are fortified but still high in processed sugars). Direct your kids to try to eat as many colors of the rainbow each day as they can, and teach them the goodness of eating what nature provides.

Prevent memory loss and help your kids keep their brain's razor sharp by chowing down on blue and purple produce like grapes, blueberries, plums, and eggplant. Boost heart health when you prepare meals with red-colored fruits and veggies such as a salad topped with strawberries, cherries, or cranberries or including red peppers in a stir-fry. These foods generally have lycopene, Vitamin C, and quercetin.

Oranges, pineapple carrots, squash and sweet potatoes all offer you the vitamins and minerals needs to protect your eye health. Orange or yellow is a sign of a high carotene content, which converts to Vitamin A for strong vision.

Your kids can stay out of the doctor's office and avoid missing days of school by incorporating green foods like lettuce, broccoli, and peas. These foods decrease your chances of getting sick, support immune functioning, and prevent cancer and other chronic conditions.

Get your children excited about eating the colors of the rainbow by playing fun games or engaging in challenges. You can also include your children in the meal-planning experience by having them accompany you to the farmer's market or produce section of your grocery store to select from all these colorful produce described above.


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