Its All About Selecting the Right Tofu

Fresh Serving of Tofu

Tofu is a wonderful addition to a healthy diet, whether you’re working hard to lose weight or you’re focusing on maintaining your current weight. It’s a great meat alternative that is made from soybeans, and it offers plenty of protein while being cholesterol free and low in fat. Since many people don’t know how to properly prepare tofu, it often has the reputation of being tasteless or unappetizing. Use the following tips to prepare tofu that is healthy and delicious.

Make sure tofu is fresh

It’s essential to ensure that you have fresh, quality tofu if you want the best taste. Look at the “best by” date on the tofu and make sure you purchase and use it well before that date for the best results.

Silken, extra firm and firm

When you look for tofu, you’ll find that you have several options: silken, extra-firm, and firm tofu. Firm tofu is the most common option, and it’s wonderful pan-fried for a crunch exterior, cubed up in delicious salads, or crumbled for a texture that’s somewhat like ground beef. If you want a great meat substitute, extra firm tofu works well in pastas, on sandwiches, and in curries. For a diary alternative or as a good base for dips and spreads, the silken tofu works best, since it has a consistency much like heavy cream.

Take time to press the tofu

Improve the appeal of tofu by taking the time to press it. Start with a block of tofu, cut it into slices, and place those slices on a plate covered in paper towels. Cover with more paper towels and put a plate with something heavy on it on top. This puts pressure on the tofu, helping the paper towels to pull out more of the moisture, improving the texture of the tofu.

Add your favorite flavors

Since tofu is very mild, it’s also quite versatile and you can improve the taste by adding flavors. Add some herbs and spices, top tofu with yummy sauces, or choose your favorite marinade for the tofu for a more delicious dining experience.


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