Holiday Gifts to Inspire Good Health and Wellness

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As the holidays continue to creep closer, here is a gift list that helps you provide something everyone can use - products that inspire a healthy lifestyle. Let's review

Go Tech: Fitbit is a hot brand and there are plenty of positive ways a personal monitoring device can give back. Along the same lines are pedometers, calorie counters, and many other gadgets that can help inspire people to lose weight and gain health. Shoppers have a lot of choices across many price levels. Tip: Find a device that fits the activities of those you plan to gift. Don't rule out a gift certificate for an app either. Apps and smart devices pair nicely

March to Your Own Beat: Music is often a central component to exercise. As such, consider giving the gift of music. A gift certificate to the Apple's iTunes store or any of the other sites where you can download tunes is a great way to motivate and inspire someone to enjoy exercising.

Get out of Jail Free Card: One thing that stymies weight loss is the lack of encouragement by family members. Change that by giving someone you care about a couple of coupons that are specifically for your time. This is worth one hour of walking time. Encouraging people to succeed is one of the most beneficial ways to inspire them to lose weight.

Make Healthy Food Easy: One of the most positive thing you can do to encourage someone who wants to lose weight is to make healthy food easy. Consider gifts like quality lunch boxes so people can take healthy lunches to work or school. Other ideas are products like personal blenders that help make the process of creating healthy recipes such as this Orange Pineapple Smoothie easy.

For more ways to encourage healthy lifestyles and weight loss, stop by the Metabolic Research Center. We have an entire library of healthy and good-for-you recipes that are easy and effective. We also offer support and other resources that can make a healthy lifestyle change successful.


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