Fast Food... Isn't

Veggies at Farmers Market

Restaurants, particularly fast food restaurants, are a quick way to pick up a bite to eat on the run for many.  The convenience that fast food and other restaurants offer seems obvious, at least on the surface.  Truth is, convenience isn't all that convenient. 

The average combo is roughly $7 nationwide.  It runs at about 1000 calories.  A Filet mignon averages $15 a pound, currently.  A 6 oz filet thus runs $5.58.  It cooks on a hot pan in 6 minutes.  Add an edamame salad and a portabello cap with a dab of blue cheese that was roasted (in 20 mins!) the night before, at roughly 800 calories depending on the salad fixings, and that trip to the fast food burger drive-in doesn't look appealing to the clock, the wallet, the eye, the hips, or the taste buds. 

This is a rich and luxurious food choice, much more so than is necessary for the average lunch or dinner, but it proves the point that before one could drive to a local fast food restaurant, one could prepare the meal, use far better ingredients, get much better nutritional value and flavor, at the same cost or less, and have a far more satisfying and sensuous experience.  In addition, this menu would not be considered diet food in most circles, but still trounces the fast food. 

Swapping out the red meat for a chicken or fish choice would be just as simple, more inexpensive, and easier on the calorie and cholesterol count.  Swapping the blue cheese for a sprinkle of a leaner cheese such as feta, or letting it stand with a dab of olive oil, salt, and rosemary would make the meal have even less caloric impact.  Whatever the selection, making a lunch or dinner at home would leave far more time to enjoy the food, which improves digestion and stress.  


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