Implement a Complete Workout Routine to Reduce Soreness

Older Couple Stretching Before Exercise

Once you start exercising regularly, you may be surprised to find that you deal with a lot of soreness after your workout. It can be especially bothersome in the days following those first workouts. The good news is that you can take a few measures to reduce soreness. Here are a few tips that will help. 

Before Working Out

Pre-workout, make sure that you eat a snack. You’ll want a snack that includes protein and it should be high in carbohydrates. Go with something low fat. After you’re ready to go, take the time to do some light stretching to warm up your joints and muscles before you start your workout routine. Stretching before getting started can significantly reduce post-workout soreness.

While Working Out

Workout out probably feels hard when you first get started, so it’s tempting to take some breaks while you’re working out. However, you want to keep the pace steady and constant. This will keep your blood pumping, ensuring that your muscles get the oxygen they need to repair themselves. Also focus on staying well hydrated when you are working out to reduce problems with soreness and cramping when you’re done.

Post Workout

Once you’re done with your workout, it’s time to do some stretching again. This will help to boost the flow of blood to your muscles again. Consider taking a cold shower after working out, which will reduce inflammation in the muscles. Choose a snack that will restore the nutrients that you used up during your workout.

You can expect some soreness when you start working out. However, with these tips, you can reduce the amount of soreness you feel. Even if you do feel sore, keep up with your workout routine. As you improve your fitness, you’ll find that you aren’t as sore in the future.


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