Pick Your Technique for Optimum Flavor

Oven Baked Fresh Vegetables

Choosing the right seasonings and mixing the correct combinations of foods are not the only way to make your vegetables taste right. Using the right technique for the flavor and texture that you want to achieve also matters.

Here are some popular cooking methods and their advantages:

  • Steaming – This method is one of the best ways to retain the shape, color and texture of even some of the most delicate vegetables. Steaming also enriches the natural flavor of your produce.
  • Grilling – You can barbeque your vegetable outdoors or on an indoor grill. When you do, that browned taste ads a smokiness to your food that you otherwise would not achieve.
  • Roasting – Using this cooking technique will help you create a crispy outer crust on your roasted vegetables much like fried potatoes. The hugest difference between roasting and frying, however, is that roasting requires little oil or fat to accomplish the same result as frying.
  • Baking – If you want your food cooked evenly and thoroughly, this often is the best way to do it. Each portion of your vegetables – or any food you bake for that matter – will be cooked instead of raw or burnt.
  • Boiling – Any time you would like your vegetables to have a lightly salted taste, this would be an excellent way to cook them. It also helps you retain the bright color of your produce, particularly the greens like broccoli or green beans.

Keep in mind that certain techniques could result in nutrient loss. However, you can take boiled water and use it in the making of various types of sauces to use for your meal. Keeping a lid on your roasted or baked veggies could also prevent you from drying out your produce too much. However, you do sometimes need the open flame if you want to create a crispy or grilled effect.


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