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When you walk through the doors at MRC Hillsboro, you’ll be infected with happiness. You are always greeted with a smile, warmth and enthusiasm from our incredible staff. The energy and excitement in our center is truly infectious, so much so that when co-founder John Soileau came in once upon a time for a visit, he didn’t want to go outside! He said “I want to stay in here where the sun is shining!”

Our weight loss consultants have been in your shoes and understand what works and what doesn't — and starvation diets are simply not sustainable for the average person. Hunger can be very discouraging and that's why every personalized Metabolic Research Center program is based on eating real food. Food you can prepare from hundreds of favorite recipes from our staff and clients. Plus, we'll teach you what to eat when you go out. That way you never miss out on the fun with friends or family.

Metabolic Research Center in Hillsboro

MRC Hillsboro is conveniently located just one block west of “The Streets” of Tannasbourne Mall. Be careful with your credit cards when you come down here, cause there's tons of shopping opportunities everywhere you turn.

We always have great music going, and some of our staff have been known to get caught up doing the twist with clients and singing along with the tunes. Yes, we have a close relationship with each client we serve. No, we are not the West Coast branch of the famous Boston TV show bar Cheers, but we do know the names of all our clients – even their children.

The clients at MRC Hillsboro are wonderful, and THEY are the biggest reason we have such a great atmosphere. Most are upbeat, motivated and friendly, engaging in conversation and encouraging each other in the lobby or during classes. All in all, we have more fun than grownups should be allowed to have.

Classes and Weekly Events

Education is a very important part of our success here at MRC Hillsboro. We are big on teaching clients the “why behind the what.” For example, our clients don’t worry about plateaus because they understand what’s happening when they occur… weight loss! We offer numerous classes and events during the week and we are happy to start a new class when there is a need for it among our clients. Some of the classes and events we’ve offered include:

  • Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome
  • Approval Addiction
  • Love Languages
  • Connection Series
  • Various Cooking Classes
  • Back to Basics (Protect your Program)

Our Staff

We have a great staff of experts with several years of experience in the nutrition and weight loss industry. Some have first-hand knowledge of the incredible success of the MRC program, and are able to relate with clients because they’ve walked in their shoes. Our staff is energetic, supportive, great listeners, well organized, and perhaps most importantly problem solvers. We are there with our clients through each step in their weight loss journey, helping them overcome any obstacles that come across their path and relentlessly encouraging them to accomplish their weight loss goals.

Stop by our Hillsboro center today and find out what all the excitement is about!


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