Don't Micro Manage Your Scale

Woman Frustrated with Bathroom Scales

Everyone trying to lose weight has had a time where the relationship with his or her scale has become rocky and difficult. You step on in the morning and you're doing great, but by mid-afternoon, your weight is ballooning upward. Is your exercise regime not working? Have your diet changes failed? No! Simply put, micro managing your weight loss with multiple daily or weekly weigh ins may be sabotaging your weight loss spirit. But why shouldn't we check up on ourselves every day?

Think about how you feel when someone constantly follows up on a work task, interrupting and distracting you, and maybe even discouraging you because your pace isn't fast enough. Micro managing your weigh-ins works the same way. Frequently stepping on the scale each day or each week can discourage you. Changes in diet and exercise do have an affect but those results take time to appear. Checking too often and expecting change can be discouraging.

Further, your weight may fluctuate up and down in a day or over a short span, frequent weigh-ins can also be inaccurate. Your morning weight may not be the same as your weight after a full day of exercise, calorie intake, and fluid intake. Weighing yourself multiple times in a day can show you an inaccurate picture of how your program is working. Experts recommend that you weigh yourself once per week for more accurate results. You should also weigh yourself at the same time of day.

It often works best to keep track of other changes in your body. Are your clothes fitting better? Is your energy level higher? Are everyday tasks easier? All of these factors can help you manage and track your progress in your weight loss journey. Instead of micro managing your scale and weighing multiple times a day, keep your weigh-ins consistent, spaced out, and pay attention to your entire body for signs of success.


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