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Sugar Pouring from Can to Glass

We’ve all been there. We felt great after a workout, were heading to work and passed our local smoothie shop. We think “I burned 800 calories in class, smoothies are healthy, I’ll get one!” But stop for a minute. Just because a place has bamboo flooring, green drinks, and everything is made from fruit does not make it “healthy.” All too often these “health drinks” are packed with extra sugar and carbohydrates, usually more than you burned during your workout. For example, let's take a look at a popular drink from a common smoothie chain store. This drink is boasted as being very healthy because it contains almonds, coconut, chia seeds, bananas, peaches, and oats. Sounds great right? Well this little beauty is well over 500 calories, contains nearly 100 grams of carbs and packs in 66 grams of sugar. Now does it sound like "health food?"

That is just one example of hundreds where hidden calories are stuffed into our food; and we wonder why we’re struggling with progress! When we’re committed to a healthy lifestyle change, nutrition labels become our best friends. They help sort out fact from fiction and keep us eating healthy and on track.

Restaurants aren’t the only places with hidden calories. Let’s take a trip to the grocery store and review one of the more popular fitness foods on the market, the protein bar. One of the most available protein bars comes from a sports drink company. While this bar is tasty, it is loaded with sugar. Their chocolate chip whey protein bar is 360 calories (120 from fat), has 42 grams of carbs (29 grams from sugar) and offers 20 grams of protein. While the protein amount is great for a bar, the extra sugar and carbs are definitely not worth it.

Your eMetabolic consultant will help you get in the habit of “eating clean” by introducing you to the foods which will help you the most on your weight loss journey. Soon you’ll be an expert at knowing which foods to avoid, and which to pick up during your next grocery trip.


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