Can Essential Oils Aid in Weight Loss?


 The sense of smell is powerful. Fragrances not only provide you with a sense of pleasure, they can also offer protection. When you place food in your mouth, it goes right under your nose where your sense of smell unconsciously examines it for edibleness and freshness. Taste and smell are also related, since your sense of smell can heighten your sense of taste, adding dimension to the five categories of taste humans can detect: umami, salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.


For thousands of years, aromatherapy has been used to treat various diseases and disorders. If you’re trying to lose weight, smelling essential oils may prove helpful. While it won’t magically help you lose huge amounts of weight, they can play a helpful part in helping you achieve your weight loss goals.


Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Multiple essential oils can be used to help you take off those extra pounds. Grapefruit oil can help active enzymes in the saliva that help breakdown fat. Cinnamon oil can help tame sugar cravings and regulate your blood sugar levels. Ginger oil has the power to help the body absorb nutrients while reducing inflammation. Lemon oil may boost energy levels and improve your mood, and rosemary oil may help reduce cortisol levels. Some studies even show that smelling peppermint oil may help curb appetite by affecting the area of the brain that makes you feel full.

Oils that aid with weight loss can be used in several ways. Try diffusing the oil, or you can place oils in a topical carrier oil, such as coconut oil. Other essential oils can be consumed orally with great results. Making use of other essential oils that reduce anxiety and stress while improving mood may also boost your weight loss results. Although essential oils aren’t the holy grail of weight loss, they can be used with other weight loss techniques to help you achieve a healthier body.


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