Weight Loss Through Lifestyle Change

Crossroad of Diet and Exercise

Weight loss through lifestyle change is a bit more complex than the magic diet pill companies would have the general public believe.  Diet and exercise stand at the core, but there are a series of behavioral and preference changes that go along with the successful practice of long term change.  What and how one eats is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome.  Processed and convenience foods have been designed to fit into busy lifestyles in a way that slow foods don't, and these foods are entrenched more than three generations into our society.  Fresh food is more difficult to keep in the house or the fridge at work, and healthy choices are not truly available in a local drive through in less than 90 seconds. 

The problem is, while these things seem like they save time and are convenient, the truth is that they negatively impact quality of life, and not just in the obvious ways.  The loss of energy, the habit of choosing a processed food mouth-feel over the flavors and textures of real food, the distaste for green vegetables, the lack of quality proteins both animal and vegetable in the diet, the lack of probiotics and vitamins, all take a toll on vitality and health that is paid for in sick days in the short term and general health and well being in the long term. 

The oversized portions that have become not only habitual but expected fight to counteract the lack of satisfaction and satiety that the processed foods encourage.  For the fitness end of these changes, the lack of motivation to simply move oneself increases as activity fails.  The blanket of general fatigue has become heavy enough on American society that heath experts have resorted to the need to simply get people to walk around. 

The habits of moving and eating well, not dieting but eating well, are the core knowledge of successful lifestyle changes.  


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