Sugar Craving and How to Manage Them

Sugar Cubes and Glass of Orange Juice

Cravings, in general, are your body's way of telling you that it needs something. Sometimes you crave sugar, but what you really want is water. In this I-need-sugar blog, we look at what is really going on when your sweet tooth is overactive.

Blood Sugar and Your Brain

The level of glucose in your blood directly affects how your body relays energy needs to your brain. Glucose and sugar are forms of energy and as humans, we need energy to function.

When your blood sugar drops a hormonal signal is sent to your brain that says "Hey! We need more energy." The next thing that happens is your stomach starts in clambering to be fed and your mind starts to think about food. Then you start roaming you house or if you are work, pacing in front of the vending machine. A candy bar should help?

Well, no it won't help for long. Sugar is a fast burning energy and in an hour or two your body is going to need more sugar. This is exactly how you ended wearing stretch pants. All of that sugar also means you take in a lot of calories. What your body needs is some carbohydrates, but not just any carbs. Put down those potato chips and put back that candy bar. instead, reach for good sugars and good carbs. By good, we mean that they produce energy that burns slowly so you avoid the energy crash.

Good carbohydrates include things like brown rice, fresh fruit, orange juice, and other foods that are not processed very much. Whole grains are good carbs. So when you feel the need to snack on sugary things, don't. Instead, go for the good carbs. If you'd like more information about to understand the message that your body sends you, just head over to the Metabolic Research Center where you will find a supportive crew, good recipes, and a bunch of ways to eat a health boosting diet.


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