Take the Steps to Burn More Calories

Looking Up the Escalator

Regular workouts are important, but sometimes you can do many little things that will help you burn more calories, and this adds up and helps you lose weight. One of the best calorie-burning activities to try is stair climbing. It works multiple parts of your body at once and keeps your core engaged. Instead of heading to the elevator or escalator, it is time to start taking the stairs if you want to lose weight and improve overall health and wellness.

To make the most of stair climbing, make sure that you look straight ahead, put your shoulders back, and then start climbing. When you are ready to descend the stairs, make sure that you are putting your weight back on your heels. This way you are working opposing muscle groups when you go up and down, and it also ensures that most of the impact is absorbed, reducing the pressure on your knees. 

Livestrong.com notes that if you are toting an object and heading up seven flights of stairs in just 10 minutes, a 140 lb. person can burn around 100 calories. Keep in mind, you’ll burn more calories if you weigh more. If you want to burn even more calories when you take the stairs, make sure that you keep your pace pretty fast as you climb those stairs. 

Simply taking the stairs whenever you can is a great way to work more activity into your day. This makes a great exercise as well. Even if you do not have a gym handy, you can usually find a flight of stairs to run up and down for a great workout that will work the entire body while burning plenty of calories.


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