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Fresh Beets and Root Juice

The jewel-toned earthy-sweet nitrogen juggernaut that is a beet is an ancient food, and is used worldwide as a food source.  Scientific studies have supported the claims of endurance athletes that the dietary nitrates in beets promote blood flow to the muscles, thereby oxygenating those tissues and increasing their performance.  More recent studies have shown that the beets do the same thing for the brain during endurance exercise, keeping it well oxygenated while the body is working, thereby keeping it sharp.  This helps to improve reaction time and the quality of decisions during competitive events.

Other nitrate rich foods such as spinach, lettuce, and other leafy greens would help increase athletic performance.  What does this mean for the average person?  While reaction times and endurance may not be a day to day concern of the average person on an average day, these nitrates and the increased blood flow that they provide help encourage a higher level of heart and blood vessel health.  It may help to lower resting blood pressures and reduce the oxygen that it takes to exercise. 

Beets are easy to incorporate into the diet.  They can be boiled, roasted, or eaten raw.  They are often pickled, and can be added to salads in all their cooked or raw forms.  They are also easy to add to a juicing regime, and are an easy way to add sweetness and complexity to a smoothie.  Beet greens can be added to a juice or smoothie as well. 

In addition to the dietary nitrates, beets also contain a respectable amount of folate and manganese, as well as some quantity of more than a dozen other vitamins and minerals.  Add some beets to those daily vegetable servings for great visual, nutritional, and tasty result.  


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