Power-Packed Vegetables for Losing Weight

Basket of Veggies

While there is no one "magic food" that will enable you to immediately lose weight and keep it off permanently, there are certain vegetables and other healthy foods that are particularly good for weight loss. Following are three amazing vegetables that you will definitely want to include in your diet if you are trying to lose weight or have already lost weight and want to keep the pounds from coming back.

Leafy Greens

All leafy greens are great for weight loss. They are rich in fiber, an important nutrient that leaves you feeling satisfied after your meal. The fact that they contain a lot of calcium is yet another plus, as studies have shown calcium can help the body burn fat. Spinach is a particularly good option, as it contains the protein your body needs to build muscle mass.


Peppers contain dihydrocapsiate. This compound boosts your metabolism which enables you to not only shed fat but also prevent it from coming back. Peppers are also rich in Vitamin C, which is known to combat stress hormones that typically lead to overeating and increased fat storage. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which not only burns fat but also reduces your appetite.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts are rich in fiber and contain plenty of protein. Studies have shown protein can enable you to burn up to 100 more calories per day so adding protein rich vegetables to your diet is always a good idea.

Eating a balanced diet is the key to permanent weight loss. You cannot only eat certain foods and avoid others as you need food from all food groups in order to keep your body healthy and working right. Even so, the above mentioned foods can play a key role in your weight loss plan. Eat them on a regular basis to give your body the cooperation it needs to shed unwanted pounds.


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