How to Develop a Taste for Real Food

Woman Tasting Pot of Fresh Vegetables

From a young age, many of us are brought up on a diet of convenience foods. Fast food drive-thru meals, ready to eat breakfast cereals, and canned and frozen meals provide a level of convenience but are generally high in all the wrong things: chemical additives and preservatives, sugar, salt, and fat. These meals create a feeling of satiety in our bodies and minds, but in reality, they do us harm at each meal they are consumed.

Our ancestors, without these modern convenience foods, instead ate whole, nutrient-rich foods each day. We can re-train our taste buds to crave these healthy foods instead of those that can do us harm. Try these tips to develop a taste for real food:

  • Embrace an ethnic cuisine. Other cuisines such as Indian, Asian, African, or Mediterranean, revolve around all kinds of whole foods. Fish, vegetables, lentils, and spices combine into beautiful dishes that tantalize our senses before the meal even begins.
  • Eat seasonally and locally. As spring approaches, farmer's markets will get started with tender seasonal greens that can be incorporated into salads, casseroles, and stir-fries. Incorporate roasted winter root vegetables with pastured lamb, beef, or chicken for a hearty winter meal.
  • Try a new cookbook. Even though recipes can be easily found on the Internet, a new cookbook can inspire us to cook at home more. Color pictures and carefully crafted recipes help us to pick recipes that will work for our families. Invest in a good plant-based, vegetarian, or ethnic cookbook to give variety to your weekly menu.

Remember that every night's meal doesn't have to be elaborate to be healthy. Keep a few healthy tricks up your sleeve such as roasted vegetables with a homemade lamb patty or pastured eggs with whole-wheat toast for those nights you are just too tired to cook. The simplest home-cooked meal is healthier and more flavorful than a delivery pizza.


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